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About our Product


BlackCarsOnly!! Dirty Water was developed with your black vehicle in mind. We have refinished, airbrushed, and paint corrected thousands of black vehicles. Our customers have asked what is the best and easiest way to care for their vehicle's soft black finish. So Dirty Water was developed. Dirty Water has a rich balance of polymers, Carnauba and si02 infused Ceramic. Our DIY product will help You achieve a brilliant result. So go for it! 

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Professional Detailer results at a fraction of the time and cost 

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Dirty Water formula is well balanced with Carnauba wax for brilliant gloss, Polymers and infused with the right balance of si02 ceramic for dark vehicles that will create a dark deep extreme gloss and hydrophobic paint surface protection. 

Extreme Gloss

If you're looking to spend less time on your vehicle's black finish we've got the perfect product for you! Dirty Water is formulated for fast application, slash the time it normally takes to care for a black vehicle. Dirty Water spray on liquid sprays on thin and wipes off easily. 

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Speed Kills!

The most important part of Dirty Water's formulation was the amount of infused si02. Dirty Water balance of si02 works perfectly on black vehicles to protect the heat-sensitive and easily scratchable black finish. In each 16oz si02 Dirty Water bottle are 8 protection coatings per bottle. Each coating creates a hydrophobic barrier layer of protection. 

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si02 Ceramic infused protection!

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