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Ultimate Paint Correction Systems

BlackCarsOnly!! A division of Blending Colors has been proudly providing high quality products and services to the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego area since 1991. What differentiates us from other Auto Body and Auto Detail businesses is our proprietary process to truly Paint Correct paint flaws on black cars. First: Through our Airbrush paint system we can repair deep scratches and rock chips. Second: With our exclusive 4K Poly Coat Clear, we can Infuse/Melt new Clear to dry-out Crystallize Clear and Restore your entire vehicle with out traditional bodyshop painting and cost. Third: Our exclusive Color Coded BlackCarsOnly Ceramic process will protect and cover paint flaws like no other ceramic product. Let our 30 Years of experience and exclusive proprietary products for BlackCarsOnly stun you! We take the time to educate our customers through FREE demos. We strive to connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

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About BlackCarsOnly!!

Who We Are

I first would like to introduce my self to you and show you how I am qualified to restore your vehicles black finish to like new Show Room levels. I am a professional Auto Painter for over 30 years. I have experience in painting Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche... Since 1991 I have been developing Auto Paint Chemicals, Airbrush Scratch repair process, trained Auto Painters, Auto Detailers and large Paint Corporations on paint procedures around the USA, Saudi Arabia, Mexico... Since 2000, we have become masters of our craft regarding a process to polish and restore your black vehicles finish. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services and incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the California area. 
CEO,  Mark A. Olguin 

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Paint Protection Services:

Exceeding Your Expectations



For just $295 Get your car waxed for 3 years!!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

🧿 Polish/Wax complete vehicle with BlackCarsOnly Polymer U.V. Sun protectant and rich Carnuba for extreme gloss 
🧿 Airbrush Rock chips on hood to protect against rust and enhance vehicles look  
🧿 Vehicle is waxed once a year for 3 years 

This 3 year auto wax care-free package is our way to introduce our BlackCarsOnly services to you. And now for the good part.. you don’t have to sweat polishing and waxing your car for the next couple years because we got you covered! Free Demos will show you how your vehicle will have that phenomenal look, seeing is believing! Contact us today via email, phone or text to book your appointment.


Airbrush Scratch and Chip Repair 

Next Level Service

Most if not all vehicles are paint Nicked , Scratched or road Stoned Chipped. This can cause rust to form and ruin the look and value of black vehicles. We can Airbrush most of these blemishes, to Restor and Protect the vehicles finish. It’s important to address these paint flaws before they become an expensive full bodyshop repair. We have successfully Airbrushed thousands of vehicles since 1991. We can show you simply through our Free demos with the incredible results. The Airbrush service before applying paint protection like Ceramic Coating is a must. We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with BlackCarsOnly!! All of our services, especially this one and the $295 3Year Auto Wax service exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to Apply the best products on your black vehicle finish, as well as top quality skilled service.


4K Poly Coat Clear 

Ultimate Paint Correction 

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers vehicles , this revolutionary Paint Correction Clear/Paint Coat (4K Poly Coat) can repair hair line and deep Scratches, Road Rash, Flat Dried out Clear and restore the factory vehicle finish with out bodyshop conventional cost and down time. 4K Poly Coat can be applied to the whole vehicle and polish to a glass finish. 4K Poly Coat is new Clear Coat being infused/Melt on to the the existing vehicle Clear Coat. This new Clear Coat layer acts like new skin to protect and enhance the original vehicle finish, and works hand and hand with si02 Ceramic Coatings. 4K Poly Coat is Polyester the same material as your vehicles top coat surface (Clear Coat.) Customers are amazed when we do a Free demo. Whenever you work with BlackCarsOnly!! you can trust that your vehicle is in great skilled hands. Set your appointment today!


Color Coated Ceramic Process 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ceramic Coating is one of the ultimate ways to Protect your vehicle Black finish. So let’s answer some Q&A you might have... 
🧿 1. What is Ceramic Coating? Ceramic Coating referred to as si02 is a Glass Coating, liquid polymer that bonds with your vehicles Clear Coat to create a polymer protective layer that is more resistant to environmental elements, acid rain... and creates more of a non-stick surface that repels dirt and water better than wax sealants and achieve a super glossy finish. 
🧿 2. When is Ceramic most effective to apply on a black vehicle for ultimate protection and gloss? Black vehicles present challenges before applying Ceramic, the vehicle must have a healthy Clear Coat, it must be swirl free and must have no contamination. What do we mean by healthy Clear Coat? The Clear Coat surface of the black vehicle must not have dry spots, cloudy spots, road chips, and scratches on the paint surface because they will be buried under the Ceramic Coating, huge mistake most Auto Detailing, Ceramic applying companies do... We have been addressing these Ceramic issues through our proprietary Color Coded Ceramic Process for BlackCarsOnly!!  
🧿 3. What negative results can be hidden when applying Ceramic Coating on a Black Vehicle finish? Like we already mentioned, we must first address any paint flaws, i.e. road stone chips , key scratches, light scratches, oxidation , or even crystallized Clear Coat. All or some of these issues can be present on black vehicles as early as 3 years or older. Ceramic Coating is one of the best protection products for Black Vehicles but can also turn out poorly if the proper steps are not done before applying the Ceramic. We have seen other companies apply Ceramic Coating and over a 3 to 6 month period the vehicles go flat. Why? Because the vehicles Clear Coat was Crystallized, in another words it was dry, oxidized, sun weather.. You can’t restore Crystallized Clear Coat with polishing/waxing products or Ceramic Coatings itself. You must infuse/ melt new polyester (4K Clear Poly Coat) on to the existing Clear Coat to restore the dry out resins. We here at BlackCarsOnly have extreme experience and education to address Crystallized Clear Coat through our proprietary products (4K Clear Poly Coat). We can protect and enhance your vehicles black finish through our multiple systems we have developed over 30 years. It does not matter if you have a brand new Black Car, Truck or a 1958 Porsche Roadster... we can make a plan to best address your vehicles Paint Finish needs. This service has been an essential to success on many occasions. When it comes to all of our services, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love working with our team. Let us know how we can assist you today.

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